Sales Policy
We usually have several rabbits for sale.  The best way to see pictures and what is currently available is by visiting my rabbitry Facebook page @
Pet Rabbit Sales Agreement

~We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal at any time, for any reason~

HOLD POLICY: We will hold stock for 2 weeks with a non-refundable deposit of 50%, if you would like to reserve a baby the same non-refundable deposit of 50% is due at 6 weeks of age, then the remainder is due when you pick up your weaned kit. If WE terminate the sale 100% of your deposit will be returned. If YOU terminate the sale, none of the deposit will be returned.

TRANSPORT: If your rabbit needs to be transported, YOU are responsible to secure transport. I am not responsible to find you transport, however I am linked with several transporters and will gladly get you in touch with them. Transport fees can run $20-$50 per rabbit depending on which transporter you choose and where they are being transported. I will gladly transport to shows I am attending for no charge and will offer that option to you if I will be in your area within a reasonable time frame. If we have agreed to transport to a show and you were unable to meet me, your deposit will not be refunded and I will re-list the rabbit. I am unable to hold sold rabbits for more than a couple of weeks due to space, care and feeding requirements. Thank you for understanding this policy.

Prices and payment:
Each animal is priced individually and is based upon our appraisal of its quality. This price can change either up or down as the animal develops. Full cash or Money Order payment is required before any rabbit is considered sold. Payment via PayPal is preferred. Payments thru the mail can get lost or delayed, therefore if you plan to send a payment via USPS, please know that this is not a guaranteed “reservation” of your rabbit until the payment has been received. Personal checks are not accepted.
Pedigrees: All our show and breeding stock rabbits are fully pedigreed and you will receive pedigree(s) when sale is finalized usually at pick-up or delivery. Pedigrees are not given with Pet Rabbits.

Health Guarantee: I have a 7 day health guarantee. If the rabbit gets sick or dies I must be notified and a written statement from a vet stating cause of death of sickness. If the rabbit dies you must either bring the dead rabbit back too me or send a picture of the rabbit showing the ear tattoo# to show proof that the rabbit has in fact passed away. A replacement or refund will be issued if it is proven that the rabbit was born with an illness or that it was caused by my Rabbitry. No refund will be issued if the death is deemed at fault of the new owner and resulted after it has left my Rabbitry.

Return of Rabbits: For any reason that if you can no longer keep the rabbit or care for it that I will take it back. No refund will be issued, but for the well being of the rabbit, I will either keep it or find a suitable home. If the rabbit is sold as a show quality; all paperwork must be returned with rabbit as well including pedigree and any winnings that rabbit has received while in your care.
Included With Your Rabbit: Pedigree, a copy of this Sales Contract and Care Sheet, other care information documents, a small amount of PenPals Rabbit Pellets to use as a transition feed or to use until you can purchase more PenPals Rabbit Pellets. Also included, FREE advice for as long as you own your rabbit, please call 850-867-0817 or email:

1. I understand that rabbits can live from 8-15 years of age and I am prepared to care for this rabbit for its entire life. If circumstances arise where I can no longer provide care for this rabbit, I promise to contact Ann Roney so that an acceptable home can be found for him/her. In addition, I promise not to bring my rabbit to an animal shelter nor enter him/her in an auction for sale. *As a note of interest, I DO check shelters to make sure my rabbits are not in them and have a cooperation agreement to be informed if they do end up there. I can not stress enough that rabbits are a HUGE responsibility not to be taken lightly. Often times one can buy a rabbit and then decide a few months later that they no longer want the rabbit. Please read the rest of this agreement to make sure this is really what you want. If you have any questions before signing this agreement, feel free to ask!

2. I understand what my rabbit’s diet consists of. 1/3-1/2 cup of PenPals Rabbit Pellets to be given two times a day, a handful of hay once per day or every other day and clean water at all times. Never allow a rabbit to go without water. We use water bottles to water our rabbits.

3. Rabbits outside do well in temperatures between 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Any rapid change of temperature is very stressful for a rabbit. Outside temperature between seasons happens very gradually allowing for the animals coat to adapt for the current conditions. When a rabbit is brought inside a home, the rabbits coat will adjust for this temperature, so it’s very important to keep an inside rabbit inside. If the temperature inside goes above 85 degrees (if you are not in an air conditioned home), it is important to keep the animal cool. Never place a fan or allow any draft near a rabbit. You can keep them comfortable in the summer by placing a frozen water bottle in the cage for the rabbit to lay next to if they become hot.

4. A rabbit’s diet should stay very consistent. Any deviations to the normal diet could cause very serious illness/diarrhea possibly leading to death. We do not recommend any treats until 5-6 months old for this reason; and even then only once per week! (You will be provided with an approved Vegetable list will be given to you with the adoption of your rabbit) Do not over feed your rabbit as this is the most common mistake first time rabbit owners make. We recommend buying rabbit feed from a farm store such as Mid-South Lumber Hardware & Feed Store. Pet shop feed often has been on the shelf for an extended amount of time and does not carry the same ingredients as a reputable Feed Store brand such as PenPals. Never feed your rabbit OLD Feed or OLD hay, this can cause death in your rabbit! If you decide not to feed PenPals Rabbit Pellets, you must use the “transition feed” that I will provide you and mix into the brand of feed that you choose so as not to create a digestive upset in your rabbit.

5. Rabbits do pee and poop quite a bit. In a cage with a solid floor, we recommend cleaning it out daily. If you have a tray underneath of the cage to catch droppings, it is best to change it everyday, but you could probably go every other day. Please do not limit the amount of water given to the rabbit to hinder the amount of urine. Rabbits pee a lot, but it is important that they have all the water they want to maintain the rabbit’s health.

6. Rabbits LOVE toys! There are many to choose from. Just be sure that the toy is recommended for rabbits. We have little balls for them to bat around and we also cut paper towel rolls in half and fill with hay for them to play with. Rabbits also like to bat at toys suspended from the top of their cages. You can buy chew toys for them as well, because they need to chew to keep their teeth down. Rabbit’s front teeth continue to grow for the entirety of their life, so they need to chew to keep them down. Pinecones can also be given to your rabbit to give them something to chew on.

7. Exercise: For the first few days, your rabbit will be pretty scared. It is best to let the rabbit get used to its environment before trying to handle it. Talking gently to the rabbit at feeding times is fine, but please try to refrain from getting it out for the first few days. Start out by petting the rabbit immediately after you feed the pellets. Once the rabbit is used to you, you can gradually begin to get the rabbit out of its cage. Rabbits do like to run about every so often. Exercise is good for them and helps keep the rabbit happy and promotes longevity. Rabbits also like to chew, so it is important that they are not allowed to come into contact with electricity wires, or your furniture for that matter. A lot of people will buy portable rabbit play pen that will allow them to move the rabbit around, give it space to romp around, but yet be able to keep the rabbit away from harmful things. Rabbits also like to kick, however most of the time they kick because they are afraid that they will fall. So be careful to keep the rabbit close and secure to your body while moving. Never grab a rabbit by the scruff of the neck to carry them. This actually hurts them and is not the proper way to hold them. And NEVER carry them by the ears!!

8. I understand and agree that this rabbit was free from any signs of illness at the time of purchase and that I am responsible for any medical care the rabbit may need. Before this agreement is signed, this informative basic health care sheet has been given to Buyer stating the diet of said rabbit. Seller does not assume any responsibility for any veterinarian fees, shots, illness or death after said rabbit has left the farm. ​​​